Story Of Oli's Roller Disco


In September 2011 Oli (along with the rest of his family) opened Oli’s Roller Disco at Ferndown Leisure Centre. 

At that time Oli was still at school and he and his Dad wanted to provide a safe, fun environment where families could participate in something all together, their passion was for roller skating and the local area did not really cater for skating, they felt it would benefit from a disco on wheels so they approached Ferndown Leisure Centre who were happy to support this venture and have been fully supportive of the project. 

At the time we as a family had found that there were very few activities we could all do together, especially on a rainy windy day, the family sessions provide this opportunity for an informal family outing with good music, disco lighting and games. Whilst parents can of course watch we do actively encourage everyone to have a go,hence no minimum or maximum age restrictions.

Our roller discos have fantastic music, up-to-date sound and lighting equipment, lasers, smoke machines and ultra violet effects.  This transforms the sports hall into a perfect disco venue.

The adults in our family are very into skating and the hope has always been that lots of adults come along and either try it for the first time or return to skating and bring back memories of their youth, helped by the amazing disco balls we now have!

We have a large stock of quad roller skates in all sizes from child’s size 6 up to and including adult size 12. 

The latest addition to the roller disco is ‘Oli’s Skate Shop’, selling good quality skates, wheels, bearings, accessories. We aim to sell our products cheaper than you could find elsewhere and we will have package deals available for roller derby teams and kids start up sets. 

You can find us at